Monday, August 17, 2009

"I know I have grown somewhere because in front of the camera I am getting that ease somewhere&

Akshay Kapoor

What is the movie 'Fast Forward' all about?

'Fast Forward' is an underdog's film. The backdrop of the film is dance. We are exploring for the first time in Indian cinema in an honest way, hip hip, locking and different dance forms. It is the western genre of dancing which lot of films have attempted but I guess this is the first time we have got instructors and dancers from abroad to come and help us to be honest in our film.

Since the movie is based on DANCE, have you taken any formal training for it?

No! Unfortunately before signing this film, I was unwell and was in the hospital in the US. When I signed this film I was not here. I just rehearsed for about three weeks when I was here.

What role do you essay in the movie?

My character's name is Sunny and he is a very naughty character. His only goal in life is to have fun and make some money here and there. You can call him a Roadside Romeo. But the key is that when he finds his love interest in the film , that is the time when he is able to find his ambitions in life. His love interest drives him to his way in the film and that is the beauty.

What other dance forms will we get to see in the film?

At the end of the day it is an Indian film. So we have the Bollywood jhatkas and matkas. Also at the same time we have salsa numbers, hip-hip, locking. These are the main genres of the film.

Music is always the highlight of any dance film. What kind of music would we get to hear in 'Fast Forward'?

There are fourteen tracks in the film. I can't classify it as certain genre because at the end of the day we are making a movie in Indian cinema. We have mixed the music. We have different music but still have the Indian touch to it. We have danced our hearts out for this film. There are all pumping thumping numbers except for one slow romantic number, which I am completely in love with.

The film has some seasoned actors like Mahesh Manjrekar and Vinod Khanna. How was it working with them? Did you learn anything?

First of all it's a great honor to work with such actors. Like I said before, working with such actors, you get to learn a lot. I am a theatre actor and theatre is an actor's medium and a film is a director's medium. Working with them, I have realized the art of relaxing, trusting your audience, etc. As new comers we try too hard at times. Working with them I have realized that we just play the character and rest I have to leave in the audience's hands.

'Fast Forward' is your second film. How much do you think have you grown from your previous film?

I am always growing from film to film. If you say how much I have grown, I won't be able to measure it because there are no boundaries to measure complete growth of an actor. I know I have grown somewhere because in front of the camera I am getting that ease somewhere. It's a learning process. No matter how old I get here, I would still be learning.

We have seen a couple of dance and musical films in the past in Indian cinema. How would you discriminate 'Fast Forward' from others?

The musical and dance films in the past are not only great films but have left a mark in their times. Each era in Indian cinema has been different. 'Dil to pagal hai' was a commercial dance film in its time but at the same time their approach was different. Same goes with 'Fast Forwad', we have attempted something different. There are many people who can do hip hop, but how honest are they? All I can say is that I have put my heart and soul in the film and left everything in the audience's hands.

What is the USP of the film 'Fast Forward'?

Whenever somebody asks me about the USP of the film, I am lost. Entire story in this film is spoken by dance. You can probably call it a musical. I would say passion is the USP of the film. One will learn no matter what you are doing, passion is something that will drive a person to do something bigger.

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