Monday, August 17, 2009

"The movie is not a typical Bollywood film but still remains a Bollywood film"

Bhavna Pani

What is the movie 'Fast Forward' all about?

'Fast Forward' is primarily a dance film but at the end of the day it is a proper Hindi pot boiler. It has drama, comedy, music, colours and youthful energy. It is a feel good, simple film which will make you smile. It is based on interpersonal relationships between dancers, their lives, their ups and downs, their challenges and how they get over it.

We saw you doing some nice moves in the trailer. Have you taken any formal dance training previously or for the film?

I have been into dance since I was six, I have been performing on stage. But this is the first time that I have been a part of a dance film. Dancing on stage is very different from dancing in Hindi films. So, I hope my training did contribute in some way. The dance forms I have been trained in are very different from the ones I have done for this film. But, definitely, if I would have been a non dancer it would have been very difficult.

What role do you essay in the film?

I play the character of Jeel. She is one of the characters who is not dancing in the film because she is not allowed to dance for some reason. Finally, towards the climax of the film there is a turning point where she performs the finale. So she is very simple, fun loving, college going girl next door. But, of course, it needed a lot of dancing skills. Even that one last dance was difficult.

The movie has seasoned actors like Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar. How was it working with them? Did you learn anything from them in the process?

It was great working with them because they are veterans in their own right. They are immensely seasoned and there is so much to learn from them. Unfortunately I didn't have too many scenes with them but I remember my first day of shoot and my first shot of the film was with Vinod Khanna. He was very calm and relaxed. I was completely taken aback by his attitude and persona. He is amazing.

Music plays a very important role in any dance or musical film. What kind of music will we get to hear in 'Fast Forward'?

'Fast Forward' is a dance film and so one will get to hear a lot of dance music. It's a complete album which has a romantic song as well as has this haunting melody. There is a sad song which always brings a tear to my eyes.

We have had a couple of musical and dance films in the past in the industry. How would you discriminate 'Fast Forward' from others?

Dance remains the basis of all these films and I can't really discriminate 'Fast Forward'. Only thing that probably is the USP of the film is the youthful energy. The movie is not a typical Bollywood film but still remains a Bollywood film.

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