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An interview with Shahid Kapur

An interview with Shahid Kapur

Shahid Kapur

Born in Delhi, Shahid moved to Bombay at the early age of 10. After completing his schooling from Raj Hans, he joined Shaimak Davar to get trained in dancing.From an early age, he always wanted to do something in films and his first break came when he got a call from Ken Gosh's office for a screen test. Earlier Shahid had been featured in video albums and a TV Commercial. Now with a 5 movie contract with Tips, he is looking forward for his next films.

His upcoming film KAMINEY is creating buzz all over. From the romantic boy of JAB WE MET to the mean double role that he would be seen in, Shahid Kapur seems to be on the crossroads of superstardom. With a slew of releases lined up this year, we chat up with the actor about his brand new act, the upcoming films and about the controversies that surround him.

Let's begin with KAMINEY. Tell us a bit about your act in the film?

Well, KAMINEY is a different kind of genre that I haven't attempted before. It's the story about two brothers Guddu and Charlie. The two characters are vastly different in their outlook and have an eternal dislike for each other. As you are aware it will be my first double role act. The film is really important for me as there are many things that I will be doing for the first time in my career as an actor.

You have a double act in the film and both are physically challenged since one lisps and the other stammers. How difficult was it to don these two characters and shoot for them simultaneously?

It was not an easy affair for sure. I guess if you have to choose between lisping and stammering, the latter is a more challenging act since it is a psychological problem. While trying to portray the act, I consulted many doctors and it's really difficult to communicate if you stammer. I had the challenge not make a caricature of this act and thanks to my director who made this tough job easier for me. But, to tell you that the portrayal of Guddu and Charlie was an easy affair would be an understatement.

We hear that you worked really hard on the look of your character in KAMINEY? Tell us more about that?

The double role that I am doing in the film was a challenging act for Vishal since he wanted a pair of characters never seen before in Hindi cinema. I had to work for one full year to fit in the role of Charlie and Guddu. It is Charlie who needed more work on the physical part and I had to grow long hair and sport stubble to look the part. I would say that it was loads of hard work that made these two characters come alive on-screen. Now, all I want is my hard work to translate into some good audience reaction.

Which character was more satisfying creatively? Charlie or Guddu?

I think both the characters are incomplete without each other. For me KAMINEY will not be a great experience without Guddu or Charlie. The different range of emotions these two characters display on screen is a great high in its totality. You cannot separate one from the other.

You have worked with different directors in the past. How would you describe your experience of working with Vishal Bhardwaj in this film?

I have been a great fan of Vishal Bhardwaj's films. Since my dad has worked with Vishal earlier, I had the opportunity to watch all his films and to tell you the truth; it was always my wish to be part of his films. Vishal told me about KAMINEY before the start of his last film OMKARA. Though nothing much could materialize that time, we met again and when I heard the script I immediately gave my nod to be part of the film. Vishal is a very intense director and has his own cinematic vision. I really thank him for putting his belief in me with this subject.

There is much written about your personal life these days. Many people even say that you and Priyanka share more than a professional relationship. How do you deal with all these public intrusions in your personal life?

Well, I believe this is the price you pay for being a celebrity. I have been surprised to read all these stories that keep appearing in the press regularly. The best part is that I have learnt to take all such gossip in my stride. I realize that the larger public is interested in knowing more about a public figures personal life. The fact that I had a public breakup and haven't been vocal about my personal life is one of the reasons for such speculations to take root.

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